Crotone vs Sampdoria Prediction – Mega Jackpot Game

Crotone vs Sampdoria Prediction – Mega Jackpot Game

Crotone vs Sampdoria Prediction

Crotone vs Sampdoria Prediction

Crotone are the worst team in Series A, they have managed just 1 win this season while Sampdoria are 11th with 5 wins.

Crotone vs Sampdoria Prediction: match facts

Crotone have had very poor play in Series A and are facing relegation, They have managed just a putry 5 points from 13 matches with 1 win vs 10 losses and 2 draws. Sampdoria are 11th with 18 points from 13 matches, They have won 5 vs 5 losses and 3 draws. They come into this game winners of 3 with a draw and a loss while Sampdoria are on the opposite side with 3 losses, a lone win and a draw.  Sampdoria’s last game was a 2-1 win over Genoa and Crotone last game was a 2-1 loss to Napoli.

Crotone vs Sampdoria Prediction: h2h

These two teams have met 6 times with both teams winning twice and 2 draws. The last time they met ended in a 1-0 Crotone win 2012 when Samporia ended up with 10 men after a red card.

Crotone vs Sampdoria Prediction: betting tips

These two teams have not met in the last 4 years which means that they do not know each other very well. Which means we have to more or less put more weight in the current season and if we take a keener look at that we can see that even though Crotone have had poor form overall they have been improving a bit in their last five games. Their lone win 2-0 over number 10 Chievo followed up with a 1-1 draw over Fiorentina and 2-1 loss to Napoli came in the last 3 weeks. Sampdoria on the other hand have a win over Inter, Sassuolo and Genoa in the last 3, sandwiched over a 4-1 loss to league leaders Juventus.

Overall Crotone have 1 win vs 4 losses and a draw at home while Sampdoria have 1 win vs 4 losses and 2 draws on the road.

This all bodes to this being a tough affair but we expect Sampdoria to win this game and pile on the misery for crotone.  



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