Sportpesa Login – How to easily access your bet account

Sportpesa Login – How to easily access your bet account

Sportpesa Login and How to easily access your bet accounts.

sportpesa login

As a registered sportpesa client, access to your account can be a breeze. all you have to do is follow the following steps.

  1. Go to
  2. On the top right corner of the home page look for the login image shown above.
  3. Enter your phone number and password and login
  4. If you haven’t registered for sportpesa yet, this would be a good time to check out our 5 minute quick guide to get you registered. Click here for that. Sportpesa registration
  5. If you forgot your password, this is the place to change your password as well.
  6. Also if you registered for an account via SMS and need a password, you can create one here.
  7. Do not forget to keep the pin that you received  in a good place because you would need it to reset any passwords.


Sportpesa Login via Mobile Phone

Access for the sportpesa login via mobile web is a little different and below is how you can access it via Mobile.

  1. Go to
  2. On the main home page you will see the login button as seen in the image belowsportpesa login
  3. A pop up will appear asking for your phone number and password.
  4. Simply Enter those and you are in.

Your Mobile Sportpesa dashboard will not give you as much info as the main site. You can still place bets and check your historical bets as well any active bets but it will not show you which bets have won or lost, just the completed bets.

Betting should be a fun affair and should not be taken too seriously. Do not use funds that you are not ready to lose for betting. Do not spend your School fees or Rent money to bet thinking that you would get a quick win because betting is not 100% accurate.

You have the potential of losing your money on any bet that you place. So using funds that are already earmarked for other things could be lost and you would be in big trouble with yourself, family members or school officials.

Good luck with your bets and Use your sportpesa Login cautiously.

Update: October o3 2017 – You can also use this official mobile website for sportpesa to login to your bet account. Use to login into your account.