Sportpesa today’s games on 11/10/2016. Jackpot at 10,000,000

Sportpesa today’s games on 08/10/2016. Jackpot at Kshs 10,000,000 Mega Jackpot at Kshs 114,785,050

11/10/201612:001086AUSTRALIA 2.423.22JAPAN 3.06Bet Analysis
11/10/201615:304152SAMBENEDETTESE 2.103.08PADOVA 3.34Bet Analysis
11/10/201616:005681UZBEKISTAN 1.843.24CHINA 5.08Bet Analysis
11/10/201617:452894IRAN 2.422.90SOUTH KOREA 3.44Bet Analysis
11/10/201619:003641KAZAKHSTAN 5.363.52ROMANIA 1.73Bet Analysis
11/10/201619:305460ALBINOLEFFE 2.312.97MACERATESE 3.03Bet Analysis
11/10/201621:051259DUNDALK 2.483.23CORK CITY 2.96Bet Analysis
11/10/201621:452977NORWAY 1.0128.01SAN MARINO 70.01Bet Analysis
11/10/201621:453553DENMARK 1.663.75MONTENEGRO 5.62Bet Analysis
11/10/201621:451052CZECH REPUBLIC 1.315.10AZERBAIJAN 11.28Bet Analysis
11/10/201621:455211SLOVAKIA 2.263.12SCOTLAND 3.50Bet Analysis
11/10/201622:005321FINN HARPS 5.613.74ST PATRICKS 1.66Bet Analysis
11/10/201623:302036COLOMBIA 2.103.28URUGUAY 3.71Bet Analysis
11/10/201620:004308SOUTH AFRICA 3.033.03GHANA 2.50Bet Analysis
11/10/201621:453043GERMANY 1.167.01NORTHERN IRELAND 21.57Bet Analysis
11/10/201621:455834SLOVENIA 5.413.51ENGLAND 1.73Bet Analysis

Sportpesa today’s games on 08/10/2016. Jackpot at Kshs 10,000,000

Our Sports Experts are here to provide analysis and betting tip[s for all Sportpesa today’s games on 08/10/2016. Jackpot at Kshs 10,000,000

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Sportpesa Registration

Sportpesa registration has been made quite easy to follow with our quick 5 minute guide.

This sportpesa registration guide came about after countless of queries on how to register for sportpesa correctly.

Many a times we have been asked the question. How do I register for sportpesa and start betting?.

Well Sportpesa Registration is commonly done via two ways which are both just as easy.

  1. via the web and
  2. via SMS

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